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THT Academy What you need to know

Our emerging career opportunities offer enriching work-based learning across a range of exciting roles and prospective careers. We provide apprenticeship positions to a diverse range of people, from school and college leavers, recent graduates and those seeking a career change. THT's Academy supports our colleagues on their career path, helping them develop key skills, gain valuable experience and achieve their potential.


Check out our Apprenticeships brochure outlining the different types of Apprenticeships on offer at THT and the different areas of the business you could work in.

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Why consider starting a career in Housing?

At our core, we're a registered social housing provider with over 9,000 properties and over 18,000 customers.

Housing assistant
Housing management

Why consider starting a career in Property Services?

We manage over 9,000 properties. We are in the process of building 2,000 new homes to buy and for rent and have much bigger ambitions to build many more around the North West over the next 10 to 15 years.

THT has the responsibility to maintain those homes. Building Safety became a great priority in the wake of the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017, and our Building Safety Team will be busy ensuring compliance in all Property Safety. Manchester is short of talented workers of all levels and skills, especially within the construction sector. If you're interested in developing your career in Property Services, get in touch.

Carpentry and joinery
Domestic plumbing and heating
Installation electrician maintenance electrician

Why consider starting a career in Professional Services?

Most apprentices within these roles will gain industry-recognised qualifications, which gives their qualification greater significance once achieved. For example, an accounts assistant is aligned with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT).

If you want to develop and build your business and professional skills in a workplace like THT, these apprenticeships are for you.

Business administration
Human resources

Why consider starting a career in Digital?

One of THT's core focuses is creating as many digital opportunities as possible for our colleagues and customers.

It's essential to make sure we provide the easiest way for everyone to work effectively and efficiently and for our customers to discover, explore and easily connect with us.

Information communications technician (ICT)
Software development
Digital marketing